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Educational robots
Our company, KAIMAX Co., Ltd, was established in 2004. We have specialized in robot field such as controller KRC(KAI Robot Communicator),

educational robots

, programming software and especially all kind of artificial intelligence robot for children and robot industry. And we have won a good reputation for professional products(educational robots) in robot market in the world and highest technology as well as quality and stability of our products.
Educational robots

Based on know-how, various experiences and cooperation with KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) which is the best university for robot technology in Korea), we are continuously creating and developing models of artificial intelligent robots and educational robots.

KAIMAX Co. actively supports schools and companies so that all children in the world can come true their dream which they can be scientist for robot industry in the future, through helping the school to plan creatively and to search the way of practical use. KAIMAX also exerts the greatest possible effort for publicity by continuous marketing in order to strengthen the competitiveness.

As many other success we have achieved in educational business for robot system, KAIMAX Co. is confident of successful operation over our clients and children¨s expectation. We will not turn our face away main stadium in which robot market compete with each other. And also, we will abstain from a possible attitude which is satisfied with a small achievement.

Thus we are sure to take it in main stream of the market. We are very exhilarated by new business with you. It is not only because we have had a confidence from a success till now, even but knowing well it will meet a big chance to have good business relationship.